Arbre de vie / Gunungan

A gunungan is a symmetrical-shaped figure of translucent parchment made of dried, firm beef skin, whose outline is pointed in Java and more rounded in Bali. In a wayang performance, the gunungan is the first to appear on the screen and the last to appear before the end

Gunungan is a symbol of life, so every image in it symbolizes the whole universe and its contents ranging from humans to animals and forests, and equipment. Gunungan terms of pentagon shape, pentagon has a meaning that was five times that must be done by religion as for the form of mountains tapering to the top it symbolizes that human life is to the one above that is God Almighty.

In Kayon there are carvings or drawings that include:

  • House or a beautiful hall with a floor of a three-story symbolizes a home or country in which there is a safe, peaceful and happy.
  • Two giant twin gear complete with sword and shield guard. interpreted that these images of natural guardian symbolizes the dark and bright
  • Two twin winged dragon with two tails out at the end of Kayon.
  • Figure fertile jungle filled with a large timber with its animal.
  • Ilu Ilu-Banaspati image symbolizes that life in this world many temptations, trials, challenges and dangers that threaten every moment to human safety.
  • Large tree that big snake wrapped high with his head turned to right.
  • Two makara head amid the tree symbolizes the human being in everyday life has a greedy nature, evil like the devil.
  • Two-tailed macaques and langurs were playing in the tree and two chickens were fighting forest above the trees, tiger face with a bull.

Describing human behavior.

Kebo (vache) = lazy

Monkey = greedy

Sneaky snake =

Bull = symbol of the spirit, earth elements, with the nature of power lust aluamah

Tiger = symbol of spirit, strength properties of elements of fire with lust anger, emotional, grumpy

Dragon = symbol of the Spirit, the water element to the nature of the power of lust sufiah

Eagle = symbol of the Spirit, air elements to the nature of power lust Muthmainah.

Picture a giant crater condrodimuka used as a symbol, as for when connected with human life in the world as a symbol or a message to the soul who sins will be put into hell full of torment.

  • Figure ocean in the mountains on shadow puppets symbolizing the mind
  • Picture of fire is a symbol of a fundamental human need, because in everyday life will need it.
  • 7 steps: means the purpose or pitutur (notices) that we are all called to live must die “dha rice Kullu ikhotul death”.
  • Gate / door manangkep cello: the nature of the grave that we are headed.
  • Tree of life: a person’s life path that is straight and has 4 children branches which became the symbol of our passion and many subsidiaries.

While the forms of philosophy is: the form of mountains of the left ventricle itself resembles a porch that is in our bodies, it may have a meaning if we have to keep whatever is in our hearts only to the creator. And a more severe form is in terms of the precision with “mustoko” above the mosque there are many in our country. it is symbolic of sipembuat for us to keep our hearts secar straight (like trees) to the mosque / religious / god.

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